VR Headset-3D VR Glasses, Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone 2017 Newest With Remote Controller & Android - Play Your Best Mobile Games & 360 Movies With Soft All Android Smartphone & Comfortable New Goggles

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VR Headset-3D VR Glasses, Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone 2017 Newest With Remote Controller & Android - Play Your Best Mobile Games & 360 Movies With Soft All Android Smartphone & Comfortable New Goggles

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  • 1. Advanced VR ,Gaming Technology Virtual Reality Headset VR glasses work with smartphones and mobile devices like iPhone 7/6 plus/6/5s/5c/5 Samsung Galaxy s5/s6/s7/note4/note5/edge and Other 4"- 6.0" smartphones ( iOS/Microsoft/droid ) like LG,XiaoMi ,Huawei, HTC, Nexus & Sony to bring you a totally immersive visual 360 experience. Boasting HD optimization and 3D gaming support, you will put yourself right into the action with games, movies and more!
  • 2. Improved Visual Experience ,Gaming and watching movies in VR works best when your eyes properly align with the screen box. That is why our VR headset offers FD and OD adjustments (wide FOV) to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion.
  • 3.Comfortable, Extended Wear Design Once you start gaming and watching VR movies, you are never going to want to take it off. That is why we offer a comfort-fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure.size 200*100*105 MM compared with other VR of same parameters. Smallest size,only 298g in length and easy to transport.HD screen with innovative design, experience the overwhelming visual beauty.
  • 4.These VR glasses, come with a BLUETOOTH remote control that makes it convenient to fine-tune the options on the virtual screen of the VR headset with remote and play games at ease. The high-quality BONUS BLUETOOTH headphones make the experience truly immersive and highly enjoyable. Moreover, the magnetic front cover can be easily opened/closed which also allows you to charge your phone and use the included headphones simultaneously.
  • 5.UNBELIEVABLE 3D EXPERIENCE , Our virtual reality glasses give you access to an all new world in the comfort of your home. Watch 3D movies on your personal cinema-sized virtual screen visible only to you. Eliminate enemies in a first-person shooter, participate in a VR horror game or score a goal in a game of soccer as if you were a part of it. Set out for a virtual tour around the world or try an extreme roller coaster VR attraction - immersive experience assured by this VR Headset!

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Product Description

Product Description:
Enjoy fun with VR Glasses.
Turn your smart phone into the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split screen movies; works with over 300+ iOS/Android VR apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store .
Adjustable Pupil and Object Distance.
You can get a viewing angle of between 70 to 80 degrees/ FOV.
Your suitable focal distance by rolling the gear at a range of 55mm-65mm,adjustment distance area is 10mm.Perfect for users with myopia problem (under 600 degrees).
proper to 95% people.
Wide Compatibility and Ergonomic Head Belt Design.
Fits for iPhone, Samsung, Android phones phones with screen size 4.0 to 6.0 inch.
High elastic headband, easier to wear and ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head educing 30% pressure to the eyes.
With Anti Blue Film ,Protect Your Eye.Short wavelength blue light is in a relatively high energy light with wavelength between 400nm~480nm.
It will increase the toxin volume of macular region in the eyes and result in the decline and fall of retinal pigment epithelial cell which will cause vision damage.
Under the stimulation of the dazzling blue light,it's easy to cause blurred vision and other symptoms of fatigue. With blue coating film, the lenses of this headset can reflect the blue light of your smartphone, safeguarding your eyes.
VR Resources to Download.More than 300 virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy shocking 3D effect, such as Moblie VR Games,360 Panoramic Video,3D Movies!
Note:1. Do not watch movies or play games with the 3D glasses for a long time
SPECIAL TIPS:The Bluetooth Remote is free gift for this VR glasses,It is need to open Bluetooth connection can usage, It is not game remote. It can only control the videos pause or play, volume enlarged or lowered,forward or backward etc. If you need to play games,we suggest you purchase a professional game remote.